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Tomorrow's Today

March 25, 2010
By DreamWriter17 PLATINUM, Marengo, Indiana
DreamWriter17 PLATINUM, Marengo, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
learn from your past to live for the future.

Life is such a fickle thing
Comes and goes without warning
We're so focused on the present
Our own lives are all-important
Choice made spur-of-the-moment
Small things to us are irrelevant
Make unstable plans for the impending

Never do we stop to think
That each decision is the brink
Of the future's happenstances
Pre-determined single chances
Life and death only enhances
Choices made and present stances
Irreparable lives are linked

There are times we are upset
Remember things we wish to forget
Lament for what we should have done
Weep for that which is lost and gone
Learn from what we could have won
Ready now for what will come
The future hasn't happened yet

Mistakes made while we are young
Founding years of life just begun
The broad path taken in spite
Of what was taught as wrong or right
Weary mind which lost and fight
What might have been winks out of sight
But this is how one's life is spun

Pity those who's lives spell sorrow
Wishing they had more time to borrow
Made wrong choices, turned askew
When we, ourselves, are hurting, too
In need of aid, not seeing through
The veil of pride woven by you
And so shapes our dark tomorrow

Your past is what has formed today
What choices made are here to stay
Time is short, blink of an eye
Don't put off what you know is right
You shape your life, until you die
What has happened is lost to night
Make matter what will be taken away

The author's comments:
I just realized how fragile our time here is. Whatever we do now, no matter how small or seemingly unimportant, shapes what will happen in the future.

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