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May 16, 2008
By Anonymous


In the year two-fifty
Every man was true,
And as it came down
From thy heavens
Above, it was
Simple yet
It was complex.
And man did try
To understand this
Otherworldly thing
But only anger
Emerged through
Man’s hard strength
And his toil
Against this alien
Man-slayer, man-eater
It called itself,
But it forgot
One important thing
Man has a way
To fight hard battles
This alien is matched
Evenly by
Man’s determination
Man’s way to
Find victory.

It did not
The toils of
For man
has no Way
to deflect
this manslayer’s
attacks, for they
were filed with
alien energy.
And man’s weapons
Were too small
And too weak.
Made of bronze
And of Iron.
His were made
Of space metal
From his world.

Chapter 1

A man named
Heflor was
Traveling Asia,
Its name was called.
For now he was calm
A warrior in soul.
His five companions,
Jacal, Gertic, Silon,
Hurthen, and Derneth
they were called.
warriors in battle
friends in soul.
They all had fought
in a great war.

Heflor with his mighty sword
Made of bronze and steel,
Has slain most opponents
From wars of past.
With his might he slays
Demons on this earth.
With his sword
Which has been blessed
Sends them to
The deepest hell.

Jacal with his spear of bronze
Has stabbed 3000 men
Straight in hearts domain
Sending them to the afterlife.

With his guts, Made of steel
Gertic Strikes opponents who are near.
With his dagger he stabs them so,
a very skilled warrior, with bones of bronze.

Silon attacks in the dead of night
With Chinese gunpowder
In a sack, killing many
In one blow.
Hurthen with his brilliant mind
Creates contraptions
Springing when
the enemy’s near.

Derneth with his strong longbow
Sharpshoots enemies
From afar. With his eagle eye
Its hard to miss,
His target’s dead
Before he’s killed.

Chapter two
When they reached
A town alone
The news reached them,
“haven’t you heard
Of the great sky beast,
From space above
A maneater it is,”
Said a man with brown pupils.
Heflor replied“what are
thy self talking about
There are no skybeasts
In this vicinity.
So please sir, tell me more
Of this sky beast,
So I can find him.”

The man replied
“you do not want to meet
This grayish brute,
He eats men whole
And shoots the rest
With green fire
From a rod.
He came to this earth
In a fiery rock
Not from the heavens
But from the hells of space.
30 men met their demise
Protecting their city from
This gray creature
Who stands upright.
With their warrior skills
They still were no match
Against this great beast
Who fights alone.
As their wives watched in horror
At their husbands demise
No second thought rose
From this creatures scull.
With rock hard skin he broke their swords
His blood was not shed
But he shed theirs.
This is the tale of the manslayer
And Rome’s good city.”

Heflor replied, “I will find this manslayer
And terminate him for he has destroyed
My city, my home”
And with that he left in the other direction
to find the manslayer.
And as he went the man called to him,
“I wish you good luck
Against that brute from hell!”

And as Heflor was taking a break
Deflor arose and said
“I will fight with you against maneater
With my bow well and strung”
Hurthen then rose and said
“ I will also fight
Using my superior mind”
Silon then rose to say
“ I will fight with you
And blow the beast
Back to hell!”
Gertic then rose
“I will fight this beast
And strike him
In his heart.”
Jacal then rose and said
To heflor “I will fight
To show my right
And stab him in his chest.”
Heflor thanked them well,
As a friend thanks.
They then said one by one
“If I die
I shall not
Die in vain”

Chapter four
After a five months’ journey
They arrived in frank
In its capital.
A noble then shouted
“Hail the great heflor,
For thee is here
To slay thy demon.”
Heflor replied
“yes, thy self is here to slay
Thine skybeast
Who comes from thy
deepest pits of hades.
Where can I find this demon
So that I may slay him?”
The townsfolk replied
“we have sent
A group of men
Young and strong
Filled with bravery
in their hearts.
They have gone to the mountains
To the south of this city.
It is a short journey
Of only two days.
if you had horses
you will catch them tomorrow.”
So heflor bought six horses,
And they were on their way.

Chapter four
They reached the monster’s lair
Hidden in a cave
Only to see
that there was a fight taking place.

The monster stood on two hind legs
His head was large but long.
His hands were large
holding a grown man
kicking his legs
in his last moments of life.
The monsters teeth were large and sharp
Like a shark’s.
His torso loked like armor
and his belly was round and full.

Fifteen men were standing ‘round
This beast, high as five men.
All were armed with shield and spear
Watching their friend being eatened.

The monster ate,
by chewing the men,
Cutting them into
Thousands of peices.
The thousand pieces
will be swallowed whole,
moistened only
by the men’s’ blood.
He then spat out
The bones of his food
To be left in a pile
All red and not white

Five men jabbed their spears,
Only for them to be broken
The monster grabbed something
Very crossbow-like
Then shot green fire
Through the men’s chests.

The other ten backened
And the monster threw
His kills in a pile all red
Stained with blood.

The monster grabbed two men
Throwing them on
two dead men’s spears.
The other soldiers charged
with spears in hand.
The monster then shot them
Through the chests
With his gun
Which shoots out green fire.
He then took them up
And threw them to the pile
The last men standing alive.

He then noticed Heflor
And his squad
With steel plated armor
And weapons to the ready.
Jacal armed with his spear
charged and slid under the monster
stabbing him in the back.
With a yelp of pain
The monster grabbed Jacal
And squeezed him to death.
Hurthen then told the group
of a plan to lure
the monster into a trap.
The monster screamed
and Hurthen ran to set
the trap outside the cave.
Derneth, armed his bow
And shot the beast between the eyes.
The arrow bounced off
to their dismay.
Silon armed with two pouches to explode
Threw them into the monsters mouth.
The monster then spit them out
back to Silon
killing him in their fiery blast.
Derneth and heflor were circling the monster
As Gertic charged with his dagger.
He jumped on the monsters head
Stabbing him in the eye.
The monster cried out
Then grabbed Gertic and ate him whole.
Then the monster turned around
grabbing the arrow shot by Derneth
then throwing it back to Derneth
hitting him between the eyes.
Then Heflor charged and
The monster grabbed at him.
But Heflor was wise and
Cut off the monsters fingers.
With a howl of pain
From the monster
Heflor jumped
Onto the monster’s head.
Heflor then stabbed the monster
In the eye that
Gertic stabbed.
Hurting the monster
That he screamed out in pain
The monster slung heflor off
And grabbed his crossbow and
Shot Heflor.
The shot missed because of his eye
So the monster took aim
But the hero was closed in
And stabbed at the monster’s
Weak point, under his stomach.
After the monster screamed of pain
dropped his weapon,
shattering it.
And Heflor ran outside the cave
And the monster followed.
Then Heflor ducked under a branch
And rolled left.
The monster was tripped
and rolled downhill.
Then the monster was
Raised up In a net.
And Heflor delivered
The final blow,
Stabbing the monster
Straight in the back
Where his evil heart was.

Hurthen then ran towards his friend
No words were spoken
Because there was no need
Four friends died today
Two were killed by their
Own ammo.

When the heroes reached the town
That was in a sad gloom
For 20 men were dead
All killed by a skybeast.
“did thy kill it?”
Was everyone’s question
The heros nodded
Every time
But stayed silenced
When the other question arose
“where are your friends?”

Eventually the news spread
that Heflor slayed the beast,
and he was forever known
as a hero.

But even then
Was Heflor sad
His friends were gone
And they won’t come back
So Heflor lived
His life as so.
And until he died
He was always glum
He never drank
Or partook in joy
He was a hero
But his soul was
In the absolute form
Dead beyond words.

So his soul had left him
Before he had died
And this concludes
The song of Heflor.

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