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Once We Miss

March 23, 2010
By angel11 PLATINUM, Co Spgs, Colorado
angel11 PLATINUM, Co Spgs, Colorado
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This is love of the deepest and purest of forms
When all that is left is a heart that is torn
And silent the whispers of onlookers that see
He was more you then the word we call me

And ash is the sky when no longer we look
At the parts we have left, but at the parts that he took
And empty are summers when no longer you dance
Over sands that once sparkled, of a love set by chance

Though never complete you strive for a day
When you again feel complete, again you feel gay
And worries are printed all over your eyes
That if you forget it means your love was a lie

Unhappy we walk with half of us gone
Through the time that he set as the rhythm beats wrong
Untouched go the memories of times you both shared
When the other half left you, pain cant compare

We wake up to missing all that they were
The way that they spoke, their eyes that were pure
And lost are the smells that remind you of home
Thats was right in his arms, making you never alone

And the happy feels empty without your partner to share
All the things that you think of, when only they care
And all seems so black, as dark as the sky
The oceans not blue but as grey as goodbye

And it turns out to be that once we miss
The smile on their lips we miss the feel of their kiss
The mirror seems so empty like the beat of your heart
As so softly it ends and so empty it starts

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