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Memories (For Better of For Worse)

May 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Times long gone tend to revisit us
Memories of misuse and betrayed trust
They come to us when we're down
When sorrow and self-doubt are abound.
They flitter about in the mind
Brewing up thoughts of suicide.

The worst of these linger the longest
Battling the mind in a simple contest
Of vivid pain and tears now lost
Unaware of their heavy cost.
Without a prayer and not a chance
These old nightmares like flames do dance.

As I lay in a corner of my own
A flicker of hope shines through my wall of stone
Then almost as quickly as it could be seen
A shadow of doubt devoured the thing
That for an instant prevailed over my darkest fears
Of tales told only to lended ears.

Abuse, misuse, and self-mutilation
Were merely parts of this congregation
Led by fear, frustration, and the bitter memory
Of everything this world has done to me.
I hate all that I am and all I have been
And because of these memories I must live it all again.

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