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Winter-Now a Tree

April 28, 2010
By RosyOptimism DIAMOND, Coronado, California
RosyOptimism DIAMOND, Coronado, California
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A crown of a thousand delicate leaves
Sway in the wind and fall to the ground
In the woods, not a sound
Because no where near can civilization be found
In this lonely desolate place
The absence of the human race
Here I stand, tall and proud
Bracing for the winter to come
The crisp air and the red –orange leaves
All point towards the season of believe
Just a few more days until these branches are bare
Then it will be snow that I wear
My home will be empty, not an animal in sight
As far as the eye can see, there is white
Cold and eerie
And very dreary
In the middle of the snow covered land
Here I stand

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