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Cross My Fingers and Pray

July 12, 2010
By midnightsilence PLATINUM, Hilltowns, Massachusetts
midnightsilence PLATINUM, Hilltowns, Massachusetts
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There are consequences for your actions

Walking away,
I cross my fingers and pray
that you'll take back your words
call out my name
But as each step falls: right after left
I know that you meant it
know that you don't care

Turning around
all i can see
is the fact that you
aren't looking at me
and as i drop my gaze
i cross my fingers and pray
that someday you'll love me

Sitting down
tears fill my eyes
because this song is about true love and lies
So i catch my breath still caught up on you
I cant help the fact
that i am a fool

Getting undressed,
dissapointed upset
like i did something wrong
so i brush my teeth
take my makeup off
Black lines, running down my cheeks.
Close my eyes, tired and weak

Falling asleep
thinking of you,
of today
so i cross my fingers,
cross these fingers and pray,
pray you'll take back my words
call out my name...

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Semiformal Dance 2010

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