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Here I am

September 26, 2010
By midnightsilence PLATINUM, Hilltowns, Massachusetts
midnightsilence PLATINUM, Hilltowns, Massachusetts
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Here i am
and you cant see me.
Here i stay
begging to be free.
I wait and wait
and blend right in
to your oblivious way of being.
I sit and cry
but you hear no sound
you walk away
and i float up from the ground.
Onward to the city lights
the endless days
the lonely nights.
While you live your life
as though we never met.
As though Im not your daughter...
but i cannot forget!!!!
I fight with you
because you stay with him
but my words bounce back
on the walls you put up.
I cannot get inside,
the doors are locked.
Here i am,
but I am not the girl you swear you knew.
Here i am,
but i
will never get through.
Here i am.
but you will never know.

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