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November 1, 2010
By lovemeloser59 BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
lovemeloser59 BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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If happiness is just an illusion,
then why do I smile with confusion
as I look into your eyes and I know this isn't real, then why is it so hard to feel this confusion as I persue your lips and envision your fingertips carressin my hips, no disscussin what this is, an illusion. And I think I stare at you with open eyes and an open heart, knowing from previous illusions, and in my soul you will tear it apart. I cant believe I started this, love song if you will. This 4 page letter. This confession to my fear. The confession to my tears. Is it too late to let you know how I feel? As if you didn't know that my emotions were surreal. And I couldn't hold back how I felt for years. And even Though your gone, my heart continues to linger on, and it won't let me conceal, STUPID.ILLUSIONS.

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