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Don't Forget

November 16, 2010
By Number_One_Mommy GOLD, Springfield, Oregon
Number_One_Mommy GOLD, Springfield, Oregon
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I tried to be strong when you broke my heart...
I did not cry, yet now I do; for we're far apart.
You told me you loved me - so sweet and sincere...
You made me so happy, I had nothing to fear.
As time went by, what we had flourished and spread...
All was unspoken, no words needed to be said.
And then came a day, when something went wrong...
All I knew I could do was hold on and be strong.
It was so sudden; you gave no reason of why...
I felt so numb and empty inside; I just wanted to die.
Sadness consumed me, yet I fought to stay whole...
I took so much for granted, and this was my toll.
Blinded by confusion, I felt so lost and helpless...
And then there was you, someone so kind and so selfless.
My one true friend - I give you thanks for all you have done.
You mean the world to me; you're my moon, my stars, and my sun.
And once again I have lost another friend;
All I can do is wish that we'll soon meet again.
I hope that I'll meet with all who I love,
In that great place called Heaven, right up above.

The author's comments:
I love this! Hope you do TOO!

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