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November 23, 2010
By Inkfan SILVER, Memphis, Tennessee
Inkfan SILVER, Memphis, Tennessee
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Age is irrelevant, because time is just a measurement!

Past the world we see each day,
Along a secret, hidden way,
There is door that leads into
A world unseen by me and you.
Where magic lives and wonder flows,

In rivers of silvery dreams,

And mountains capped with snow.

Through this egress very few venture,
And usually only after the end of their tenure
On this earth.
But sometimes we catch a glimpse this light
In the eyes of someone who is talented and sure
That no one has ever been gifted with this sight.

Past the stone walls and ivy strewn paths,
Down low valleys, which are ever sprouting new life.
Safe from any wrongful wrath,
And where one’s future is always bright.
Along these paths grow every blossom
And every fruit is growing wholesome.
The butterflies flit, and the fairies fly,
And the birds they soar
Across a crystal sky.
The days do fly,
By and by.
In the world unseen by us
Each day.
This oh so secret and hidden way.

The author's comments:
Another something that I've just kind of just been sitting on for a while, but hadn't gotten around to submitting. Enjoy! (5 star rating please, because I have zero self-esteem :(

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