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November 23, 2010
By Inkfan SILVER, Memphis, Tennessee
Inkfan SILVER, Memphis, Tennessee
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River clean,
Or mountain stream.
Always moving,
Always shining.
Glimmer more,
Glimmer on,
Glimmer till the next bright dawn.

Whisper softly as you rush on by,
A flow of liquid silver,
Long ago you fell from the sky,
When the moon was so much paler.
You trickle and drip,
We gulp and sip you.
You're a lullaby that makes it easier for people to cry,
When your hands are caressing the seashore.
Your power can be quite garish,
When you're part of a storm in which many perish.
Yet everyone longs to listen to your sigh.

The falls weep you,
The oceans keep you.
Forever remaining,
Your presence never refraining.
Pure of heart
Pure of view.
Pure from the start,

Pure are you.
Thanks to the rain,
You will remain.
Crisp and sure,

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5 star rating, please. Zero confidence, remember :(

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