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November 30, 2010
By cmCampbell SILVER, Cedar Grove, New Jersey
cmCampbell SILVER, Cedar Grove, New Jersey
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"Every minute you spend angry is 60 seconds you lose of happiness!"

I look in the mirror
And don’t like what I see.
Who is that girl?
Can that be me?

I look a bit closer,
I see through her eyes.
I can tell you exactly,

Exactly why she cries.

I look slightly downward.
I stop at her nose.
It tries not to look awkward,
As it strikes a crooked pose.

Then just a bit lower,
He mouth does not speak.
She is trying to pretend
That it’s because she’s meek.

She now looks scared
Her hands are now in view
Shaking vigorously
Could this really be true?

A hammer flies.
A reflection smashes.
And now she looks
For a book of matches.

A flame ignites
Everything Polaroid
And now every memory
Is destroyed

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