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they say

December 14, 2010
By marzapan PLATINUM, Westchester, Pennsylvania
marzapan PLATINUM, Westchester, Pennsylvania
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"do not lead me unto temptation, i can find the way my self" rita brown
"die fish Hitler die" jake: homestuck
"My only friend growing up was a yak." -Russia (Hetalia)
"Pants are your first priority." -My friend

they say they can see through others eyes,
try seeing through my tear streaked brown ones,
they say they know how others feel,
try feeling the cold hard ground in my bare feet,
they say they know others pain,
try spending a day in my cracked bleading knuckles,
they say they themselves have it bad,
try spending a day in my threadbare cloths,
they say they know others hunger,
try spending a day without food,
they say they want to help,
try spending a night in a snow storm,
they say all who are poor are sad,
they don't know the half of it.

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