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Wedge Of Sun

February 9, 2011
By C.Pearl BRONZE, Wayland, Massachusetts
C.Pearl BRONZE, Wayland, Massachusetts
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The morning last
I crept outside
Before the day began

The air crisp
Yearning to be sliced
And topped off with delight

The leaves vibrant
Splendid red and brown
A quilt splayed upon the ground

I sat beneath a maple tree
My back pressed to the rough
Through creases sap meandered forever caught

As the swallow let out a warning cry
The earth was brought to wake
A paintbrush dashed streaks across the sky

The sun whole
Sustaining golden warmth
A tangerine hung from yarn

But amidst my admiration
Evil stole a wedge
The tangerine so swollen now bled

As in Evil’s nature
It desired only to share
But generosity can lead to despair

Evil’s hand unclenched
The wedge released
Flung down to earth for all people to eat

The wedge pummeled ground
It tore the quilt
Instantly trees sparked ablaze

No longer could I see the wedge
For monstrous it now was
Licking branches greedily crumbling twigs to none

Blindly I ran
I knew not where to seek
Calling hopelessly for help fleeing an end

Help arrived
People roused from bed
Diligently tackling flames but with great dread

The fire fierce it was
Growing with malicious pride
Touched by Evil it had been

Hours on end
The people rendered not
Though the flames held threat for them

Little by little
The flames were forced to cease
Ending all that had begun with just a wedge of sun

But to no avail
The damage had been done
Earth reduced to ashes too late it had become

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