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Waking Up...Sad

June 12, 2008
By Distraction DIAMOND, Leesburg, Virginia
Distraction DIAMOND, Leesburg, Virginia
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It seems i'm always waking up sad
even when I tend to be happy
because i'm not even mad.

Except I always feel this way
nothing ever changes for me
i'm just off by myself at a distance.

By this time, I do not know
any of the things I am feeling
none of it is in my heart.

I feel apart from everyone else
like I am alone and no one understands
but yet, they tell me I am wrong.

Things in this world are messed up
no one tries to help or fix it
they just let it keep going as it is.

I'm tired of living in this place
this place, where everyone judges
when they don't even know your name.

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