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Sparks Of Flame

March 11, 2011
By LittleDhamphir BRONZE, Johnson City, Tennessee
LittleDhamphir BRONZE, Johnson City, Tennessee
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Not everything that glitters is gold! What goes up, must come down. You can hate me, but you'll never make me hate myself.

He yearned for her
With a burning desire.
A love so strong,
It ripped him apart,
Setting his heart on blazing fire.

And she tried ever so hard
to extinguish his flames.
But the fire raged on,
Illuminating his heart,
His love.

A tiny spark of his flame
Journeyed great distances
And kindled great fire
In her growing heart,
Until she too was illuminated in flames.

No longer could she ignore
The passion building inside her,
The burning desire
that ripped her apart,
and set her heart on blazing fire.

The author's comments:
I was reading 'Free Fall' and 'Red Poem' which was posted in this month's issue (March). It inspired me to write this. So I hope you like it!

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