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Hilltop Prison

June 20, 2008
By Sagiex13 BRONZE, McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania
Sagiex13 BRONZE, McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania
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I sit on the hilltop

The sun is beginning to rise just above the earth

The prefect breeze blows upon my face

The grass is still wet from the morning dew

As I look our from the hilltop, I see:

Vast forests and a gorgeous sunrise meets my sight

The world below in perfect clarity, perfect light.

The sharpest edges of nature are shown

The wild is a dangerous wonder, not to be cloned

The world looks as if it is spread out before me.

When i come out of my daze

I crave to leave this hilltop

...to go out and experience nature for myself

Yet I can not leave

Not yet anyway

I am trapped on this hilltop.

Like a dolphin in a tank.

I will never leave

And I know...

that the wild will be gone when and if i do come out of my prison.

My Hilltop Prison

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