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April 13, 2011
By lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
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Heart pulsing mind racing
Nerves twitching simply draining
It was her first day at school
& the little girl was scared
She did everything she could
Yet she still was not prepared
For what she had to learn
The greatest lesson to be taught
That would stick with her life forever
As she always sought
Now her story starts from the end
As a good one always should
With the little girl proud in tears
For she knew she now could
Now reverse back to the beginning
To help you understand
Of this little girls great journey
And of its great demand
She started out as shy, a feeble little thing
And her school life was hard
For she an underling

They mocked and laughed
They poked and whispered
The teased and hurt
But they didn't know the wrong
They knew not who she was
Or what she had done
That poor little girl
Simply sat and wept
And she remembered back at home
Where her Mama had her kept
"You know you're not like them"
But the little girl persisted
Even thought the names were thrown up at her face she stopped
This little girl wiped up her tears
And took a chance to embrace her fears
Over and over again
She was thrown down and crumbled
But tried to rise again
And never let go of hope

The little girl was shunned
And her little soul was shaken
But she swore herself an oath
To never shed tears again
Her little mind made sense
And embraced the simple value

So even with a shattered spirit
Even with a shattered soul
The little girl got up again
And drained herself of woe

At her school she was an outcast
A hated little thing
With that one ugly weird problem
She had a conjoined twin
Another little leg hanging of her side
In which this poor little girl had to coincide
But she always wanted friends
To lead a simple life
But always she was shunned
But never let go of strife

One day the little girl got up again
After being shattered down
Se stared into the sky and thought
Lucky little clouds
Floating aimlessly they are
Without any ailments
And without a care in the world
Yet she was in someway not jealous
For she knew that she was strong
Because her great life lesson
Cannot be prolonged
This little girl was lucky
In so many ways you see
Her hatred could not
Twist or anger she
So this little girl kept trying
Day in and day out
To make a single simple friend
And let it not drain her with doubt
She was insulted and hated
Endlessly teased
They showed no compassion
And she was tossed aside with ease

Se had locks of curly bright blonde hair
And deep topaz sentimental eyes
Yet beyond her greatest power
She was always two in disguise
She was in intelligent little child
Though shunned she always was
For the teachers saw her secrets
And treated her as everyone does
She had no real escape
Except for those clouds up in the sky
Drifting through the ocean's mirror
As time ticks by and by
The girl knew she was something
She knew she had a purpose
And as time grew on she knew that she was worth it.

As she sat in class one day
And stared up at the wall
She had a little vision
Of herself mighty and tall
She then let go of her disappointments
Released all of her fears
Breathed out her inhibition
And became wise beyond her years
She realized a simple point
She learned the lesson taught
Se needed no others recognition
And she herself was proud of the thought
Or what she had became
But right then she heard a question "Do you want to play a game?"
Another girl had asked her
From her very grade
And life itself had meaning
For now she had it made

Now for the fifth day in a row
The girl ran off to play
But then realized something
And stopped about halfway
Then the little girl burst out proud in tears
In that spot as she stood
As the realization hit
That she finally could

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