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What Happened?

May 1, 2011
By iAmBaileyLaShay SILVER, Knoxville, Tennessee
iAmBaileyLaShay SILVER, Knoxville, Tennessee
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If You Don't Dream Big, What's The Point In Dreaming? If You Don't Have Faith, There's Nothing Worth Believing.
-Justin Bieber <3

From the very start
I loved you with all of my heart
You take my breath away
With every little thing
You do and say
I don't know why it's YOU
But I knew it was true
The day I fell in love with you
Haven't talked for a little bit
I miss you so much
I'm mentally sick
When I look in your eyes
Everything seems so right
Can't push this feeling aside
No matter how much I try to fight
Even though you may say you care
For some reason
I feel it's just not there
What happened to the one
You used to be?
Now that you've changed
Hurt is all I feel and see
When I see your face
Without a smile
Everything in my world falls out of place
I've felt this way
For two years
What can I say?
You've caused too many tears
Always thought you were the best
I think that this...
Has put our relationship to the test
You say to me
Nothing will change between us
Yet standing here, here we fuss
At one point in time
I felt we were so very close
But now that I'm crying
I feel I need you most
I'm sorry, I forgot
I'm just not good enough
If only your heart could simply be bought
Wish I could stop
Give you a break
If I can't be with you
This is all I can take
Actually care
Love Me
That's all I ever wanted
What don't you see?
I really love you
Just wish you felt the same way, too

The author's comments:
Best Friends to Lovers... it can never work </3

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