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May 6, 2011
By MariaDavis PLATINUM, Waynesville OH, Ohio
MariaDavis PLATINUM, Waynesville OH, Ohio
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you can lead a horse, but you can't make it drink, but you can lead the horse and not make it drink.
if horses were wishes beggars would ride, hell i would too (I do).
Don't give up.

Late at night,
I see a shadow,
Moving closer,
In and out

I sit at night,
And hope to find,
A shadow,
In my bed tonight

I have no friends,
And if I do,
They get so scared,
When I come close,
Close to you

I am a shadow,
I watch you sleep,
And even though,
You’re scared of me,
I am still up,
‘Til you sleep

The author's comments:
Came up with it in just a few seconds, that and three more...

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