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I Knew the Muffin Man

May 24, 2011
By HisPurePrincess ELITE, Flemington, New Jersey
HisPurePrincess ELITE, Flemington, New Jersey
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I know the Muffin man
He lives on Drury Lane
I used to visit his house
And peek at the window pane

The glass was hard to see through
So I never got a good look
But I could just make out his shape
And that of his recipe book

When I was little I stood on tiptoes
Then I grew and could stand straight
I no longer crept through a hole in the fence
But came in through the gate

One day the Muffin man caught my eye
As I watched him stir and bake
He opened the door and invited me in
To try a piece of his cake!

From that day on we were best friends
The Muffin man and I
I'd help him with his baking
And sample all of his pies

We went on several picnics
And ate muffins by the sea
We took some to the poor children
Giving them away for free

He would tell beautiful stories
Of dolphins, whales and mermaids
I would help him act them out
And pour the lemonade

We were a rambunctious pair
The Muffin man and I
That is why I makes me sad
To tell you that he died

All the years I spent with him
Are treasured memories
Now I bake his muffins
And tell his wonderful stories

But there is only one Muffin man
Who has now been laid to rest
A man with a mustache and gentle smile
I think I knew him best

I knew the Muffin man
Who lived on Drury Lane
You can still visit his house
And peek in his window pane

Although it is I who lives there
I haven't changed a thing
You're welcome to come and see me
I'll share my memories

The author's comments:
I only wish.

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