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Ode To A Poet

January 11, 2008
By Artemis Wilde SILVER, Seattle, Washington
Artemis Wilde SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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Writing good poetry is a difficult task.
Oh how do you do it? I long to ask.
Your poems have excitement, adventure, and love.
It seems you were granted a gift from above.

How do you get the words to all rhyme
Each and every single time?
And how do you get it to flow just right?
The words simply come, without a fight.

For you similes are easy and your metaphors are pure magic.
But my comparisons are lacking and it’s really just quite tragic.
Your imagery is flawless, as all your poems are.
Mine on the other hand are quite below par.

You are a literary mastermind in all meanings of the word.
And I wish you luck as you attempt to have your poetry heard.

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