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Technology Bash

January 11, 2008
By Artemis Wilde SILVER, Seattle, Washington
Artemis Wilde SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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in the morning i check my email, get on facebook, cell
fone 2
by noon ive gotten 3 txts, replyed 2 all & sent a few
get on the bus in the aftrnoon, get a voicemail, call a friend
ive now received 23 txts & the days not @ its end
once @ home its straight 2 the comp. & on aim
just 2 talk 2 the people who kno my name
cant 4get about my ipod
which i treat like some sort of god
stay up til way past 11 txting, chatting, w/e
not that i care watsoever
evr wonder wat it would b like w/out technology?
Maybe we could spell and form complete sentences and quite possibly even read?
nah. aint gonna happn.

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