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Lost n Found

June 17, 2011
By KerrY SILVER, West Palm Beach, Florida
KerrY SILVER, West Palm Beach, Florida
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Lost and found

I lost myself
In my ruby colored silver friend
Cut so deep
We shared many moment of unity

I lost myself
In a red stained long sleeved shirt
Where did I go?
Lost in memorizing colors
Of the false sense of peace and apathy
I escaped my boring reality
Escaped into the wonderful world of apathy
Where I was safe from all pain
Confined from all love
But safe from all pain

I found myself
In pair of personalized converse
Walking Running
Away For the light
With all of my might
I push through the clouds
Walking running
Away from the one I was before
I found comfort
In the all the right words
I convinced myself would never apply to me.

I found God
In deepest cornet of my heart
I found it odd
That in all this time
I felt alone.

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