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...</3...I love you to death...</3...

June 17, 2011
By KerrY SILVER, West Palm Beach, Florida
KerrY SILVER, West Palm Beach, Florida
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once again I was alone,
My Life long illness pushed you away
Mentally disturbed I lay in your bed waiting for you arrival.
I use to be.
I was.
We were.
We use to be.
Not any more
I am no more.
I am undone.
How sad.
My life is vacant.

We are never more.

That’s what you said
Never! More!

I don’t do it on purpose
I don’t try to be the way I am
It comes naturally
I can’t help
Being Demented
Screwed up
And eccentric
It is forced upon me
I don’t mean to act
The way I do
I don’t mean to act
The way you hate
It’s above me
I cannot change.
I hoped you would love me for who I am
I guess I was wrong .
I should have known my place
I belong alone
I deserve no one.

So what is my purpose for coming here?
In the room
I once called our nest.

You just can’t do that!
Tell me you love me
Tell me you need me
Than push me away
Once you get a pick at my brain
You just don’t get to do that !
You just can’t do that!
I won’t let you do that!

We use to be.
We were.

We will always be together.

All the words you said
Momentarily true,
They turned in to lies.

I won’t let go of you
You’ll always be mine.

I hear you now.

Turning the knob, Ever so slowly.

You inside,
Inside the house,
Inside my head,
Inside my heart.

You enter the room.

I won’t let you go
I love you to death
I can’t let you go
I love you to death
I need you always
I love you
To Death…

We will always be
forever and ever .

You scream hysterically.

Be my valentine!
Be mine!
For ever
And ever
We’ll be together!

Be forever mine
We’ll lay here together
I‘ll give you my heart
I’ll rip it out
In a heartbeat
I’ll take the knife
Stab myself
Make it easier ,
for you to see
how much my heart yearns for you .
for You see
See how it beat
Faster every
See how it
Screams you name.

I love you to death
So in my last breath
My dear Beth!
Just know this
I love you
Always and forever,
Even in death.

I love you to death.

&lt;/3The end &lt;/3


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