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May 10, 2011
By KangarooHulabaloo BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
KangarooHulabaloo BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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The murky eyes of a boy open with a lag
He gets out of his bed to trip on his school bag
His head hits the floor, the sharp ringing in his ear
Informs him quite clearly, this day he could not steer
He dresses, slowly, without much of a care
And applies his spray deodorant, much more than any nose could bear

He appeared for breakfast in the kitchen of his house
To be greeted by a crust of bread, in water it was doused
“Is this really breakfast?” He solemnly said
“Shut up” said his mother “Be glad you’re not dead”

“I might as well be,” he said with a sigh
“Wait, I’ll get the camera, so I can watch you cry”
Said his mother with an eerily disturbing grin
“I’m sure neglect has got to be a sin”
Jimmy thought as he left from his home
He took a few steps just to be hit in the dome
Of his head by what seems like an obscure weather feat
Who would have guess golf ball size hail and a downpour of sleet?

He strolled down the street, his I-pod in hand
It’s rectangular body, blaring some trashy punk band
He neared the bus stop, passing the gardens of zucchini blossoms
Eyeing the road, starring at a dead possum
The sight seemed to speak to him
As if to say, his chances for survival for now rather slim

“I can’t wait to get on the bus for school” Jimmy lied
When all of a sudden the bus windows opened, the kids within cried
“Get off the bus loser, we really hate you”
The words seemed to bite him, as if he had fallen into the lion pit at the zoo

Jimmy wished to be out the weather
To beat the kids with great sticks of leather
But he refrained himself; he could take a hint
I’ll just get a ride from the man who visits me daily on my way to school
The one whose van had those windows with the slight tint
Right on time the man pulled next to Jimmy in car
It was blatantly obvious he had spent too much time last night at the bar
“Hello there Jimmy,” he said with a smile
“How about some candy or if you like we can go back to my place for a while”
Rethinking his options, he decided just to walk
For sitting in class soaking wet seemed slightly better than being stalked

Forgetting his belt, he was constantly pulling up his britches
So old and tattered and war torn with stitches
He entered the library, feeling at peace
If people mocked him here, they would be quieter at least
He scoured the shelves, oh the books to uncover
Until his eyes stared straight at an interesting cover
“Annals of Awesome” he read, his interest peaked
“I wonder what great information these pages could leak”
He opened the book to the contents table
Starting to question if the author was mentally stable

The honey badger, China, and the works of Nietzsche
“What do these have in common?” He started to say
He turned to page one, oh what a book this would be
Unfortunately for Jimmy, the future he could not see
For this book was about to change his life
No longer would his relations with the world be in strife

The book taught one lesson, one lesson in which
Jimmy changed his mindset as if he had flipped a switch
Nobody and nothing in the book that he read
Took mockery for no-one, not one negative was to be said
So then, why should Jim; the butt of everyone’s joke
Be run down and forgotten, left in misery to soak
No more was the world to look down upon him
As of right now, all their futures looked pretty grim

Jimmy embraced the book’s teachings, embraced every word
Feeling as if he could draw out a sword
And defeat all authority for his sake
I mean, come on, his dignity was at stake

He ended that day at the school
Seeing everyone else as society’s tool
He attended Cross-Country practice, not caring one bit
He created his one pace, the bullet of the workout not bit

Now Jimmy dwells in the basement of his house
Never to leave, never to get a spouse
He simply sits there, playing Catch Phrase on his own
His parent’s tell him to get out; he yells “Leave me alone”

All I have now are old memories. I can hardly remember
The times when Jimmy was not a nihilistic cult member

I miss the old Jimmy; I probably should have treated him better
On the faithful day, I remember entering his room to find the letter
“My life is pathetic, I have no reason to be”
I looked at the note’s bottom, an arrow pointed to the closet
I slowly open the door and in horror I see
The dangling feet of the boy I once knew as Jimmy.

The author's comments:
This is a poem that actually started off as a joke to show the ridiculous misfortunes of just another unlucky boy. However, it quickly erupted into an emotional piece based off the tale of a real child in my school that has spoken to me too many times on how he has given up with every day life and has hid away from society emerging himself in the nihilistic writings which just furthered his despair on the world. Too many times I have heard him speak of suicide and whether or not he is completely serious, it still worries me. He received verbal abuse his freshman year to his breaking point and has now emerged into this kind of character living only like a machine. I want people to learn from this poem that although it may seem funny at first to verbally abuse someone, much like how the poem starts off a bit funny, in the end the result will leave nothing but guilt and regret. I also want it to leave the reader with that same guilt as if they were the ones who had caused the tragedy so that they will learn how to properly live their life by such fundamental, yet fleeting, moral principles. I just don't wont any one person to feel alone, like they have nothing and no one to turn to and eventually can not handle it anymore. Although the poem is not about my exact experiences, I am not afraid to say that I have felt the same way as the boy from the poem which made it that much more passionate. People in this position need to realize that there is somebody out there who can and will help them, they just need to realize that they can't give up, ever.

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This article has 2 comments.

anon-yo said...
on Jul. 11 2011 at 6:17 pm
dude sick poem- hits home

kaybaybay17 said...
on Jul. 11 2011 at 11:05 am
I can honestly say this poem made me cry. Too many times I have seen this happen to people in my school and all I can do is just turn the other cheek and not say anything. abuse of any kind is a serious issue in today's society and nothing gets done about it this poem is exceptional and certainly comes from the heart! The author's note is genuine and really touching as well. Incredible poem!!! Triple 5 stars (: