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Lost Nightmare

July 16, 2011
By Clare_C BRONZE, San Diego, California
Clare_C BRONZE, San Diego, California
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I twirl around, my skirt making a perfect circle
The sun beats down on my smiling face
As I move with beautiful grace
My best friend runs to me wearing deep purple.

Our joyful expressions completely identical
I push myself forward, running towards her
Our legs turn into a busy blur
I slow from the wind's strong pull.

We still try to reach the other person.
At the same time, our hands fly out
I start to feel a dark feeling, a feeling of doubt
I shake my head to try to fight it, but it just worsens.

Tears fill my eyes and I can barely see
I blink rapidly and hold back the sobs
My feet start to ache, my head begins to throb
My best friend, she turns around and flees.

I cannot help it, the tears flow down my cheeks
The sky darkens, the sun drifts behind the black clouds
Rain joins my tears and falls towards the ground
She's gone...but how could I just give up and fall on my knees

I stumble backward towards the emptiness
I rub my red eyes and try to calm myself down
I pull myself together and wipe away my frown
Finally, I turn and hope to be greatly blessed

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