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September 12, 2011
By MariaDavis PLATINUM, Waynesville OH, Ohio
MariaDavis PLATINUM, Waynesville OH, Ohio
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you can lead a horse, but you can't make it drink, but you can lead the horse and not make it drink.
if horses were wishes beggars would ride, hell i would too (I do).
Don't give up.

Behind my mask I can hide,
I can say what ever I want with out getting hurt,

It’s like my glasses,
It’s like my makeup,
It’s like my closed heart and mind,

I’m not afraid,
I’m not hurt,
I’m alright with my mask,

Letting my mask fall of like a façade,
My tears fall down,
My heart is broken,
My mind is torn,

I put my mask on and get ready for another day,
Another time,
Another place,
I’m okay with my mask,
And perhaps someday I can say it with out wearing my mask.

The author's comments:
Came up with it like right now cause I saw this picture and I wanted to use it XD just cause it looked nice...

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