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September 10, 2011
By FangPoet DIAMOND, Wichita, Kansas
FangPoet DIAMOND, Wichita, Kansas
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awake awake and here to stay..
thinking in the night ..
an there goes sleep my thoughs have fought away..
Guess this restlessness is here to stay?
Your outa sight but never outa mind..
With you i find myself wasting my time
But in truth I dont mind
But you running away my sleep is no fine !
My restless body !its loosing its mind.

Up like an owl
in the night i prowl
The night can never smell foul
But sleep my body craves my thoughts keep it depraved
Up all day
Up all night
never find the time to sleep from thought..this bites..

sleepless nights
ohh i wonder
why my mind fights
sleep i want
dreams to creep
but never it comes at night it seems

Is it because of my mind ..i wonder
if thoughts of you is why i cant slumber
with a light breeze tonight
lull my tired eyes to sleep
hush this running mind
take away this sleeplessness

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Night , Thinking,restlessness,sleep,awake

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