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The Beast

October 16, 2011
By DarkIcarus1375 GOLD, Kerrville, Texas
DarkIcarus1375 GOLD, Kerrville, Texas
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From the rain comes a shadow,
From the shadow a beast,
The beast comes of darkness,
And from the darkness it shrieks,
As the darkness grows,
It starts to flow,
Towards a child,
The then monster attacks going wild,
And as the darkness overtakes the child i see his face,
The child is me,
What is wrong with this place,
The monster disappears,
I run towards the child,
But the monster reappears,
He grabs me by the throat,
"You're next." he gloats,
Then when I open my eyes and look around,
The child is dead,
the monster nowhere to be found.

The author's comments:
I used this piece as a symbol. It is about some one who was abused and is having a nightmare. The beast represents the abuser and the child is the person who was abused

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