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A Simple Smile {And it's Key}

October 26, 2011
By RebeccaJoy DIAMOND, Springville, New York
RebeccaJoy DIAMOND, Springville, New York
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A simple smile. Your pearly whites sparkle in the light. Twinkling eyes can see so many truths. The truth can be hidden, but it will always be uncovered. Nothing remains a mystery forever.

A simple smile. Your lips are oh so red. The painted on poison has a shine to it. Red becomes the only trace of you. Smeared on chairs, walls and skin. It's an unexplainable map to your hiding spot.

A simple smile. Allows me to know your happy. Your eyes smile too, as your cheeks are raised. There is even a smile in your voice. I hope everyone else can hear it too.

A simple smile had many makes. It can hide the truth or reveal it. It can express feelings. It holds the power to open countless doors. Which key will you choose?

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