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November 6, 2011
By Ellabell PLATINUM, Columbia, Missouri
Ellabell PLATINUM, Columbia, Missouri
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The night is cool,
The sky is clear,
The stars are bright
And dawn is near.
I look up to the heavens
And behold the sparkling skies,
For every soul a star,
For every star a life.
When I was young
People would ask me
As a shooting star went by,
What would I wish for?
And I would say,
A star, after I die.
And then they would shake their heads
And I could see the question in their eyes,
And I would tell them.
Every good person that’s ever lived
Has had a star to share their name,
If they died honest, kind and good,
They would earn eternal fame.
Emblazoned forever in the skies above,
A life of kindness, a life of love.
So when I say
That I would have a star,
I hope that life will take me far.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem from the perspective of a child who has their entire life ahead of them.

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