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I Quit

November 18, 2011
By MarinaRose GOLD, New Hyde Park, New York
MarinaRose GOLD, New Hyde Park, New York
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"Most people want a happy ending but not me. I want never ending happiness."

Alone in a Crowd of People
You don't want to talk? Well maybe I do.
I understand if you can't always be there.
But you're never there, and now I'm through.

I'm tired of pulling us along.
I'm tired of making the effort to stay.
I'm tried of putting everything out there for you.
I'm tired of trying to keep my emotions at bay.

I get it: you don't want to deal with me.
I get it: I can get annoying when I cry.
I understand sometimes you don't have the time.
But what I don't get is that you don't try.

Why should I even bother?
There is nothing you can do.
I give up, I quit.
I'm just sick of you.

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