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The cask of Amontillado

November 19, 2011
By Emmy13329 GOLD, Middletown, Delaware
Emmy13329 GOLD, Middletown, Delaware
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Deep with deception and secrets i bleed
for justice to be served some must plead
oh,and as for this smile you see,
it is not one of joy,but one of deception
the thought of your immolation
brings me such satisfaction
i can honestly say that i am not yet healed
and no you cannot see them
because my emotional scars are sealed
you are a man that is respected an feared
but sorry my dear friend
my pain has not disappeared
of course,i was not the first to be hurt
and no you will not be the last
but this i cannot leave in the past
you have come to my vaults in search of a cask
but sorry my dear friend
i must complete my disagreeable task
no longer will you hurt me
no more pain will i feel
today my sorrows will end
and maybe i will finally start to heal
it is not just revenge i seek
oh my dear friend
for i am not very meek
soon,i will make you feel it all
you make me feel the torture
make you feel the pain
that runs through my veins
i must extinguish this burning fire
for that is all i really desire
the burning fire inside of me
so no i cannot let you be
no one has ever confronted my fears
No! no one knows about the tears
this deed will be finished by dawn
you can beg and plead
but forgiveness is gone
so i shall leave you here
for no one to hear
not a single ear

The author's comments:
It's a found poem about a short story by Edgar Allan Poe called The Cask of Amontillado

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