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Daddy's Loss

December 22, 2011
By michellexcheerio BRONZE, Wayne, New Jersey
michellexcheerio BRONZE, Wayne, New Jersey
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Today is lost in Pain,
stolen by Memory Blind.
They say Time clears the mind,
yet here I writhe and strain.

Today I drive in rain—
an eighteen hour shift.
Customers are swift;
they sense and see no gain.

Tonight is Gleaming Light
shining on Daddy’s wet face,
starring Desperate Space—
sick, cold, and fire bright

Tonight I buy a Cane—
the years are dynamite;
so quick and destructive—
to repay those I’ve slain

But tomorrow I like pretending
Daddy is coming home.
Established since eternity,
my sweet lie.

And tomorrow I fall into myself.
Listen to my heart screaming!
Child, when love and dreams collide,
and chain me to my bed,
I will spiral down.

The author's comments:
Delve deep into this poem for there are many carefully hidden meanings woven into it. "Daddy's Loss" is spoken by a father to his child. The father, who works as a driver in New York City, made a big mistake in his life and lost custody of his child, and now has to suffer with the pain of losing the love of his life. He is depressed every moment of his life, and even cries at work. Customers stare at him and try to leave him as quickly as possible for he is nothing but a cloud of rain. The structure of the poem is also parallel to the context because the narrator changes throughout the poem. As he ages and grows desperate, the meter and rhyme of the poem decay. In the end, the father falls into himself; he only wants to lie in bed and sadly dream about his lost child. The poem finishes off with the father destroying himself; he’s dead.

If there is a certain line you can't unwind, post a comment and I will explain it.

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