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The Soldiers Wife

December 18, 2011
By Emilytaylor SILVER, Alvin, Texas
Emilytaylor SILVER, Alvin, Texas
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Speak your mind, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind
--Dr. Seuss

Goodbye, my love,
I'll miss you, you know.
please keep in mind,
you don't have to go.

We could run away now,
together forever.
Don't leave my side,
or my heart will sever.

I'm begging you now,
I'm on my knees.
Don't let them take you
away from me.

Though I still cry,
I see tears in your eyes.
stay with me,
don't say any goodbyes.

If you do,
than I'll die,
If you don't,
we could thrive.

living far from them,
never bothered again.
wouldn't it be nice?
I've dreamt it once or twice.

But you're stubborn,
You have to prove them wrong.
You need to show them
that you are strong.

I know you'll survive,
and I know I'll die,
I'll miss you my love,
Goodbye, Goodbye.

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