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ode to jannie

January 11, 2012
By mikaylaB BRONZE, Saint Louis, Missouri
mikaylaB BRONZE, Saint Louis, Missouri
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live your life, dont let others live it for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you were loved by many, hated by some.but now that you're gone, people from all over have began to come. everyone knew that you weren't made of gold. but even when you where broke, i still saw in a store. I've only really gotten to know you for 14 years, but those 14 years will be sketched in my mind for many more years. for which, when i think about it, i still hear you talking and laughing in my ears. those times when you told me about everything, to those time mother was being a something. you were special to me & it hurts my heart to see you leave me. but i see you have to go.so dont let me and my tears hold you back from where you belong. yeah i'll miss you, but i still gotta few things to remember you.like the times we always spent over your house, or that time we lived with you, oh and those time went to see the twilight movies. vampires & werewolves were always your thing. plus those syfy movies, that you loved so much.jannie i forgot your middle name whittingt5on, you have been hear for me since, i stepped into this world. the years are priceless, something that will never be forgotten even though you're lifeless. we will always have a piece of you in our hearts,even if your heart is timeless. live free & unforgettable jannie cause all us still here, loves you jannie! we really, really do. shoot we probably love you more than christmas dinner, twilight, going out, or thanksgiving dinner. jannie you have made memories worth a lifetime, and its now time for those memories to come alive.

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