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January 8, 2012
By Jellybean9898 PLATINUM, Glendale, California
Jellybean9898 PLATINUM, Glendale, California
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You aren’t allowed your anger
Or your voice, or your actions
You aren’t allowed the freedom
To undergo interactions
You aren’t allowed your moods
Emotions, tears
And deepest darkest fears
You aren’t allowed to speak
But you aren’t allowed to stay silent
You aren’t allowed to plead your case
Or get angrily violent
You aren’t allowed to scream
You aren’t allowed to beg
You aren’t allowed to do anything but
Sit, and listen instead
You aren’t allowed your opinion
You’re a child—what do you know?
You aren’t allowed to go out of the house
With your friends, or alone
You aren’t allowed to stay
Trapped up in your room
You aren’t allowed to watch TV
When there are things to do
You aren’t allowed rewards
For your irrational behavior, too
But how do you want me to act
When you despise everything I do?
Everything I say you claim irrelevant
Everything I protest you claim false
Every time I react to what you say
Every argument is my fault
You aren’t allowed to moan
You aren’t allowed to whine
You claim I claim to be an adult
When I sit here and start crying
But you ARE allowed to follow us, they say
You ARE allowed to take our advice
You ARE allowed to listen
To us, because we are obviously so wise
You ARE allowed to study
You ARE allowed to get good grades
Be mature, help with chores
Start acting your age
Trapped inside my caged mind
With no liberty to speak
No liberty to act, or talk
Or say aloud what I think
And they watch down over you
With disapproving eyes
And I know one thing is for sure
My parents will be my demise

The author's comments:
just something i spewed out after an argument with my dad. what i feel, too.

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