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Silicone chip

May 6, 2008
By Jaden Gragg GOLD, Shawnee, Kansas
Jaden Gragg GOLD, Shawnee, Kansas
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The silicone chip inside his ice cream cone,
the silicone chip inside her cigarette smoke,
the silicone chip inside fruits
your mother leaves on the table after school,
sprung in chocolate from your girlfriend
nothing is safe.
It's inside babies. Contaminate.
Silicone chip, plastic and fabricated, tells you to tell
a thousand lies,
starting with who you are
and how you got here.

Silicone chip tastes like brainwashing
feels like stale ideals
lights the match, ignites the fuse.
The fuse leading quickly to our own undoing.

Leads to disembodied voices wandering
Who am I?
How did I get here?

Buried beneath the glass
inside the sand piles of your ears,
scratched in an “X” between your eyes
warm with your heat,
invading every cell
until you are but
a twisted genetic field,
neutrons flying.

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