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Trust and Betrayal

January 26, 2012
By thankfate SILVER, HELLO WISCONSIN!!!, Wisconsin
thankfate SILVER, HELLO WISCONSIN!!!, Wisconsin
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Is like a seat by a blazing fireplace with steaming cup of hot chocolate and bobbing marshmallows wound inbetween your fingers.
Is like hour long phone conversations.
Is like a deep dark secret being told and a boulder lifting itself off your chest making you feel light as a bird.
Is like the friend who you can be near tears and then on the floor laughing with in one conversation.
Is like just washed pijamas neatly folded and still warm from the dryer.
Is like jumping into the pool for the first time without holding your nose, and swimming underwater with your eyes open.

Is like the spiraling twist in a horror movie, when the killer turns out to be your best friend.
Is like seeing a picture wobble, inch forward, and drop before it hits the ground.
Is like drops of tears in your eyes when you're being watched by a crowd with open, intense eyes.
Is like novacaine wearing off, and slowly feeling the seeping pain twirl and wind inside of you.
Is like falling flat on your face, and someone laughing in snippets that sound like doors slamming.

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