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March 28, 2012
By XxWhisperMeTruthxX BRONZE, Limington, Maine
XxWhisperMeTruthxX BRONZE, Limington, Maine
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Favorite Quote:
"Tis but a flesh wound!!

You see a smile,
She feels a thunderstorm.
Crack a joke,
She dies inside.
Blows it off like nothing,
They won't notice anyway.
Behind closed doors,
She cries.
Lightning escapes in body jolting sobs,
Thunder in painful gasps for air.
The rain beats against the metal,
A steady armor.
Her back is breaking,
Demons on her shoulders.
The sound reminds her,
They don't need me,
I can do this.
Rain falls harder now.
The guardrail wet and slippery,
Head lights blinding.
No need for goodbyes,
No one would listen.
One final call,
No answer.
The damage has been done.
See that rock?
Water slaps against the sand,
Pouring rain drops tease the pavement.
Aim for it.
They'll find you,

The author's comments:
Blatantly, real feelings spewing from my mind on to paper.

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