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July 12, 2008
By Raven Diltz SILVER, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
Raven Diltz SILVER, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
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Once upon a time
In a land so very far away
I thought it was alright
Just to go outside and play
Thought it was okay to waste my time loving today
And not think about tomorrow
But now I see so suddenly
That rhythm and rhyme have hurt me
Pulled me down to depths
Where the pressure is too much
And I’ve fainted
Grown cold
Withered away
I’ve formed a creature whose stuck in the
Who never gets away
From her work
Of making everyone believe she can breathe underwater

The author's comments:
I'm an honors student, a workaholic who always gets straight A's. Sometimes, I feel like I sacrifice my passion, writing, to make sure that I get a perfect score on a test. I wrote this poem one day when I realized that this is my dream and that nothing as unimportant (to me) as AP Biology is going to stop it from happening. This poem was about re-prioritizing my life.

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Jhereg said...
on Aug. 5 2008 at 4:23 pm
I like the opening rhyme, and the lack of form as the verse progresses. It rhymes, but then again it doesn't, and that's just awesome :) Shows a lot of depth and perspective...I'm hoping to see this one published some day!