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I Love You

May 8, 2012
By TadashiiYo GOLD, Carollton, Texas
TadashiiYo GOLD, Carollton, Texas
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I might have known all along in the corner of my mind
What would happen if I opened the lid?
What I have to do
What should I do?
It’s so simple
Maybe it’s difficult because it’s so simple
Thank you for always listening to me
Thank you for always accepting my weaknesses
Thank you for not forgetting the memory of a day long long ago
I was very happy to be able to save you when you were lost
I’ve been taught to think that I’m a boring person
But that day at that moment you made me a necessity
You can never understand how incredibly happy that made me feels
It was always me who was being saved by you
You always shared your kindness, your warmth, your happiness sparing nothing
You continue to shower me with them
That’s why I won’t lose
I’ll keep going forward
I can go on believing
I’m sure of it
You are like that sky
I feel it so much that it breaks my heart
I love you

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