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The Real Me

August 2, 2012
By Jen-Is-Imperfection BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Jen-Is-Imperfection BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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"Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect, it means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections"

Do you know me?
Do you know what’s true?
Do you know about. . . the things I do?

Do you know about the tears I cried?
Do you know about the things I hide?

And if you did know, what would you say?
Would you worry or would you run away?
Well I can’t run, because these issues are mine
So instead I’ll tell everyone “I’m fine”

But I’ll always wonder…
Will you ever see…
That person who is…The Real Me

The author's comments:
When I was writing this piece, a certain scenario was in my mind about what it meant. . .but I am not going to tell you all my thoughts just yet. I think poetry is meant to be interpreted individually. So maybe you'll think of something that I would have never thought of and maybe you'll like your interpretation better than mine. So please comment your thoughts on the meaning, I'd love to see everyone else's view :)

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on Aug. 13 2012 at 10:44 pm
PrincessClaire BRONZE, Fayetteville, North Carolina
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don't do me do your hair

That's amazing Jen!!! I didn't know you were such a good writer and poet. <3