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Fabricated Beauty

August 14, 2012
By BadWolfGermz SILVER, Dallas, Texas
BadWolfGermz SILVER, Dallas, Texas
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"Desire is poison"

I'd sell my soul to be thin and famous but my dignity is the chain that holds me still to my humanity. Yet the alluring fame to leave this ugly shell is just to strong I'm afraid I might just fail. Because my cowardliness will make me give in to my desire to just quit and end it all. All because I want to be thin and loved, for people like me we are judged. We are suffocated with the fabricated image of beauty and try to hold or heads above the water but the current is to strong and many have fallen down the tides of conformity and we know we eat the lies we are fed but we can't stop because we all just wanna be loved and in order to be loved you must conform to the standards of living made by the beautiful and thin....

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