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The X-Files poem

September 1, 2012
By KeyofG BRONZE, Duvall, Washington
KeyofG BRONZE, Duvall, Washington
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Dana can't deny her love for Mulder &
Mulder can't deny his love for Dana.
With minds so great, as great as their passions, they pursure the truth of course together.
He keeps her questioning and she keeps him sane,
while the stangers want them dead for their knowledge and
ability to expose them one day.
A touch of the hand, between them, is as powerful as a kiss.
Lies are blown their way by the man who smokes
and, from under them, he rips the evidence--
proof of extraterrestrial life kept inknown.
The truth is there;
They look at eachother and about the world with a need to attain
the truth that's there

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