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In Their Own World

August 14, 2008
By reneeannxyz PLATINUM, Bloomington, Illinois
reneeannxyz PLATINUM, Bloomington, Illinois
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two souls, complete ,-yet alone.
destiny's puppets. simple hearts, ignorant and under control, blindly offering comfort with friendship. they need security, they become each others world. there's no him without her, there's no existence without the other. he cannot see unless its the sight of her eyes, and she cannot hear unless its the sound of his voice. they live in the world of unknown, and uncrossed lines. they become a pair, -a set, and then fuse into one magical heart. she's the smile of their world, and he's the passion deep within. she's busy being their freedom, soaring the sky, while he's keeping them stable, disciplined- with gravity. they contradict, they fit like a puzzle. but they cannot see, the cannot believe.

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