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Gone But Not Forgotten

August 25, 2008
By Distraction DIAMOND, Leesburg, Virginia
Distraction DIAMOND, Leesburg, Virginia
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They waited for the plane
not knowing it would soon crash in Spain
awaiting a new journey
and finding all it's glory.

One by one the passengers seated
seeking their final destination
not thinking that something could go wrong
or that their life could come to a tragic end.

Most of them are dead
and others are bearly alive
no one knows if they witll be alright
unwillingly they are leaving their life behind.

Families and friends hearts are broken
by knowing someone they love is gone and never coming back
or seeing a loved one that might not make it through the night
and you don't know if they will be alright.

Thoughts and memories fill your mind
all you want is them back in your life
and wish that all this didn't happen
becuase it is killing you inside.

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