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I Wish

August 26, 2008
By RachellehcaR BRONZE, Peoria, Illinois
RachellehcaR BRONZE, Peoria, Illinois
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I wish I had new clothes and shoes. I wish I could go by without trying like the superheroes do. I wish I could just relax in the world like the B.C. did. I wish I didn't have to go to school and learn about the knowledge people have gathered and rules made up by people before me. I wish people didn't care about how they looked up to an obsession. I wish life would go the way I want to like I was the driver instead of the passenger. I wish I could be myself everywhere I go and not caring about what people thought of me. But God wanted me to go through these pains and good times because I wouldn't be me wishing for more. I wouldn't be the girl to be, the one to look up to when trouble comes. I wouldn't be this strong women that believes in God,not the stars, for blessings to pour into my cup. My cup that is overflowing every day without me even noticing it. Because all I ever do is wish.

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