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The Adventures of Our Haunted House, and Benny Too

March 1, 2013
By Happymask PLATINUM, Pride, Louisiana
Happymask PLATINUM, Pride, Louisiana
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"I have great faith in fools, self-confidence my friends call it." - Edgar Allan Poe

There, a haunted frame
Within, a scene of when horror often came
“But Dear, let’s step inside
Oh, do you not remember from where we came?
I’ll pull us up, take a backward step, and we rewind...”

Everyone else had gone before
And all around, trees and trees were found galore
“But Swan, I hear a creak
And look! Benny running towards a house of lore”
And we stared, too frightened to move, too frightened to speak

He had gone away, ahead, alone
A little one to the haunted house, our hearts like stone
“But come, let’s save our friend!”
We run to the porch of the house from Hell, pulse postpone
I fall through the old wood, but you were there, your hand in lend

We made it to the dark inside
The walls were dusty, the stairs were tall, and they were wide
“But Swan, lets go up and dare
Where Benny may or may not be safe in hide”
You agree, and we creep up the long and black hallway stair

The top was darker than the first floor still
Faces in pictures looked on us and frowned to kill
"But come, let’s go back down"
However the stairs had disappeared leaving two feeling ill
That and the faces that sullenly came to frown

When we saw the frame and scene
I turned to the window locked, like in Halloween
“But Dear, let’s break outside!”
I knock the glass, we leap and land, and we see what was unseen
We see the forest green, and Benny too. Safe. So we sighed

The author's comments:
This poem is the story of an adventure I had with a friend. Almost all of it (all but one or two minor details) happened in our adventure.

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